OWL 360/ 180 Degree Output Pass for Movie Render Queue

You can now render 360 and 180 degree video direct from Unreal Engine Movie Render Queue at ultra high resolutions (+32K)
Written by Off World Live
Updated 3 weeks ago

With the new Off World Live 360 Degree Camera Movie Render Queue pass you can render 360 and 180 Degree, stereo and mono outputs of any Unreal Engine cinematic sequence:

This currently in closed alpha. For access please contact us
N.B. Please disable the Panoramic Capture Plugin as there is a clash and the OWL render pass will not appear if it is enabled. 
  1. In Project Settings, go to the Plugins section and Off World Live and ensure 'Enable Off World Live Movie Render Queue Pipeline' is set to True:
  2. Create a Sequence in Unreal Engine and select the Render with Movie Render Queue option:
  3. In your Config, click 'Setting' and add 'OWL 360 Camera':
  4. Ensure that you also switch off 'Deferred Rendering' (unless you want to output both 2D and 360 Degree footage:
  5. In the OWL 360 Camera section, select the format and resolution you would like for your output. You can also inheirit these from a 360 Camera you have in the scene. These will override your Movie Render Queue settings.
  6. In the Movie Render Queue Settings, select the format you would like to output and other settings (but not resolution) and click Accept:
  7. Click Render Local or Remote and your project will Render:
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