OWL Livestream Wizard

How to instantly set-up a live-stream direct from Unreal Engine
Written by Off World Live
Updated 1 year ago

  1. In the Editor Toolbar click on the Off World Live logo and select 'Livestream Wizard':
  2. Choose between OWL Cinecam, OWL 360 Camera and OWL Viewport Capture capture options: 
  3. Choose between Spout, NDI, Media Output and Virtual Webcam output types:
  4. Give your Livestream a name and press 'Create' and a live-stream will automatically be generated:  
  5. To manage your live-stream settings please see our guides to:
    1. OWL NDI Sender Manager
    2. OWL Spout Sender Manager
    3. OWL Media Output
    4. OWL Virtual Webcam
    5. OWL Cinecam
    6. OWL 360 Camera
    7. OWL Viewport Capture

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