OWL NDI Sender Manager

How to live-stream from Unreal Engine over-the-network using NDI
Written by Off World Live
Updated 1 year ago

The NDI Sender Manager allows you to live-stream any Unreal Render Target to any NDI compatible program in-Editor and at-Runtime:

  1. You can select any Unreal Render Target and it will be sent direct to NDI:
  2. You can manage multiple different video feeds/ NDI senders at the same time by adding additional NDI Senders using the Array:
  3. You can send your level audio by ticking 'Capture Audio':
  4. You can send alpha by selecting 'BGRA' 'Video Conversion Format':
  5. Any 'Active' feed will be automatically streamed over the network to NDI:
  6. It works with ANY Unreal Render Target and so can be used with Virtual Camera, Composure, OWL Cinecam/ Capture Component, Scene Capture 2D etc.
  7. It can be controlled via Blueprints for remote operation, live-editing etc.
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