OWL 360 Degree Camera

How to capture a 360 degree video feed from inside your Unreal Engine level:
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The OWL 360 Degree Camera outputs a 360 degree video feed direct to a Render Target:

  1. It captures the view of the 360 Camera to a Render Target:
  2. It offers equirectangular and cube-map projection options:
  3. It offers a custom, patented, rendering pipeline for seamless 360 degree Bloom as well as the standard Unreal Tonemapper pipeline:
  4. It allows you to select which cube faces you want to render to optimise GPU usage in Dome-master or other non full 360 projections:
  5. It's perfect for live-streaming because you can use DLSS and viewport on/off toggle to massively increase your GPU performance i.e. FPS/ resolution:
  6. It can be controlled via blueprints for live-editing like in the example blueprint here:
  7. It can be used with the Spout or NDI Sender Managers to live-stream direct from Unreal Engine.
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