How to Trouble-shoot Spout

Use these steps to trouble shoot any issues you have with sharing video using Spout
Written by Off World Live
Updated 1 year ago

There is always a Spout 'Sender' and 'Receiver' and they both must be running on the same GPU for Spout to share video between them:

  1. Download the demo Spout sender/ receiver here to see whether it is the Sender program or the Receiver program that is not working with Spout.
  2. Ensure that Unreal Engine and your other program are running on the same GPU (this is an issue with some laptops). To deal with this:
  3. Check Windows Task Manager to see which GPU your programs are running on - guide here
  4. Use the guide here to force your program to use a specific GPU.
  5. Ensure that the programs you are sharing between are also in High Performance mode if your computer has any performance throttling (this can be common on laptops).
  6. For outputs to OBS on certain laptops you may also need to change your OBS settings here.
  7. For any other issues contact us on Discord.
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