OWL Capture Component

How to capture any Unreal Camera, Cinecam or Actor to a Render Target
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Updated 1 year ago

The OWL Capture Component can be attached to any Unreal Camera/ Cinecam/ Actor to output its content to a Render Target with all the capabilities of the OWL Cinecam:

  1. Select any Unreal Camera, Cinecam or Actor in your World Outliner and at the top of its 'Details' panel click 'Add' and type and select 'OWL Capture':
  2. This will add an OWL Capture Component to your Camera/ Actor which you will see in your Components list. Make sure that this OWL Component is attached to your Cinecam or Actor by dragging it and seeing the green tick:
  3. The OWL Capture Component has all the same capabilities as the OWL Cinecam such as Alpha channel, UMG Rendering for a HUD and Render Flag control:
  4. It's useful because you can take any existing camera in your Unreal level and use the Capture component to instantly stream it to NDI/ Spout. You don't have to change any of your existing configuration.
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