How to install to a custom build of Unreal Engine

Follow these steps to include the Toolkit in your custom engine build or with a custom build such as Aximmetry or Zero Density
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  1. Build your custom engine build.
  2. Open any plugin directory inside /Engine/Plugins - for example: Engine\Plugins\Runtime\ActorLayerUtilities.
  3. In that plugin directory, go to Binaries/Win64/UE4Editor.modules:
  4. Open the file UE4Editor.modules in a text editor (i.e. Notepad):
  5. Copy the line that starts with "BuildId" eg "BuildId": "e3b09bf6-25f4-43d8-8fb2-dd2cde67fefe":
  6. Open the OWLLivestreamingToolkit folder in your Engine plugins directory and to go Binaries/Win64/UE4Editor.modules:
  7. Open the UE4Editor.modules file in a text editor (i.e. Notepad) and replace the line that starts with "BuildId" with the one copied in point 5 above.
  8. Open your custom engine build and you should see the Live-streaming Toolkit icon in your Editor as normal:
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