How to set up an OWL Cinecam in Unreal Engine

A quick-guide for setting up the OWL Cinecam in your Unreal Engine level
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The OWL Cinecam is a custom Unreal Engine Cinecam with multiple augmentations built specially for live-streaming:

  1. Find the 'OWLCinecam Capture' Actor in the 'Place Actors' panel and drag it into your scene. OWL Cinecam
  2. In 'World Outliner' select 'OWLCine Cam Capture' so it opens in your 'Details' panel:
  3. In 'OWL Capture Settings', create a Render Target to receive the video feed from your OWL Cinecam by clicking the dropdown next to the thumbnail:
  4. Name your Render Target so that you can select it from the drop down list. OWL Cinecam Render Target Name
  5. You OWL Cinecam is now outputting to a Render Target which can be picked up by the Spout Sender Manager to stream to Spout/ OBS Studio:

Additional Features:

  1. You can use DLSS to up-sample your output from the 'OWL Capture' Render Target to save GPU resources.
  2. You can use the 'Pause Rendering' tickbox in the OWL Capture 'Details' panel to live-edit between cameras in order to save GPU usage (this is also controllable via blueprints):
  3. You can Show/ Hide elements from the Render Target to create Alpha output using the settings in the details panel: 
  4. You can create a UMG overlay for custom HUDs/ Burn-Ins with your own custom blueprint widget:
  5. You can use the Render Flag options to select/ deselect different post processing/ rendering effects:
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