How to live-stream to Unreal Engine using Spout

You can live-stream video from any Spout compatible program (TouchDesigner, Resolume etc) to an Unreal Render Target
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Spout is a protocol which allows you to share a video texture on your GPU between two programs this means that it is zero-latency and zero-compression.

  1. Find the 'OWLSpoutReceiverManager' Actor in the 'Place Actors' panel and drag it into your scene.
    Spout Receiver Manager
  2. In World Outliner select OWLSpoutReceiverManager so it opens in your Details panel and add a Spout Receiver Array Element and click the arrow in the right hand corner to open the Array Element showing its Members: Spout Receiver Details Panel
  3. Create a Render Target and give it a name. Spout Receiver Details Panel
  4. Select a Spout input feed from the list of options in the Name dropdown (any active Spout source will show) and Click Active to start capturing the Spout source to your Render Target.
  5. If you want to apply your Render Target to your scene, then right click on it to create a Material which you can drag-and-drop onto any Unreal Actor.

Additional Features

  1. To receive multiple input feeds, just add additional Array Elements.
  2. You can control the Active tick-box via Blueprints to manage which cameras are rendering simultaneously and so reduce computational load.
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