How to add custom accessories to a Metahuman in Unreal Engine and Blender

A guide to adding new elements to an existing animated model in Unreal Engine.
作者 Off World Live
已更新 1年前

  1. Turn off playing in your Character Blueprint.
  2. Import the asset you want to add to your character.
  3. Check that the materials have no Back-Face Culling by checking the Two-Sided box in each material use.
  4. Go in to the Face Mesh of your head.
  5. Find a relevant socket to attach your model to. The sockets are displayed in the skeleton tree tab of the skeleton section of your Face Blueprint.
  6. Right click and add a socket to your chosen Bone.
  7. Drag your model from the Content Browser in to your character Blueprint.
  8. Scale the object to fit, you can make this exact by copy and pasting the scale of your body mesh if they are from the same model.
  9. Make the Model a child of the Face component.
  10. Select the Parent Socket that you created earlier.
  11. Re-position the Mesh if needed.