How to quickly animate a custom 3D model with Mixamo

How to use Blender to set up a 3D Asset for Rigging and animation in Mixamo.
Written by Off World Live
Updated 1 year ago

  1. Import the file in to Blender (you may need to check the file type in our explorer first).
  2. Use object and edit modes to delete any unwanted geometry, like the head of the model if you are replacing the head.
  3. Use the same technique of selecting points and using CTRL + L To select linked points.
  4. With more complex models, turn on X-ray View to make selections easier.
  5. Adjust your geometry positioning to make the Pose as close to an A or T-Pose as possible.
  6. Re-export your model as an FBX ready to be uploaded in to Mixamo.
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