How to make a cool new texture for a metahuman in quixel mixer

Adding effects to your Metahuman face using Quixel Mixer
Written by Off World Live
Updated 1 year ago

  1. In Mixer browse the Online tab to download new textures.
  2. Use The blend tab and projection settings to play with the positioning and blending of materials.
  3. Weathering blend technique:
    1. Add a mask stack to your selected material.
    2. Add a mask stack to your selected material.
    3. Select Normal under Mask Component.
    4. Position the Normal Mask using the Dial.
    5. Experiment!
  4. Export the Material as Covered in video 8
  5. You may have to export this as a 3D Asset to keep the UVs but you can always rip the flat image texture after.
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