How to export a Quixel Mixer texture to Unreal Engine for a Metahuman

Use Mixer to get really varied and experimental textures on to your Metahuman and export these textures from Quixel Mixer to Unreal Engine.
Written by Off World Live
Updated 1 year ago

  1. Find your Mixer file in Bridge and click export. (Check the export target and Plugins).
  2. Check out the imported Material Asset by double clicking and edit parameters if needed.
  3. Edit the blueprint of your character actor.
  4. With your Material selected in the content browser, navigate back to the material slot of your character actor and press the left facing arrow under the material slot of the face mesh.
  5. Fix the LODs by loading the same texture in to any other element slots that are using a face material.
  6. Compile, Save and playtest your new custom texture on a Live Link controlled Metahuman!
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