How to change materials for a Metahuman in Unreal Engine and Blender

How to get more customization out of a Metahuman character With Quixel Megascans textures.
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  1. Export your Metahuman Face Mesh from Unreal Engine.
  2. In Blender Import the Metahuman FBX.
  3. Find the metahuman base mesh and create a new materiaL.
  4. Export a face mesh material from Unreal to check the mapping.
  5. Create the material that uses the same image texture in Blender to check that the UV coordinates are aligned.
  6. Delete the eyelashes Using the edit mode in Blender, select all of the face mesh using CTRL+L (3:07) to select linked, the n CTRL+I to select inverse, then delete the eyelashes.
  7. Export your model from Blender.
  8. Import the same model in to Mixer by changing the Type in the setup tab to custom model and selecting your exported FBX.
  9. Test the Mapping with a paint mask in the bottom of the Layers tab.
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