How to make a LAZER EYE ROBOT in Unreal Engine

How to make a Lazer Eye Robot in Unreal Engine!
Written by Off World Live
Updated 1 year ago

  1. Step 1: Add you character to Mixamo and select an Animation.
  2. Download the Selected FBX from Mixamo.
  3. Import the Mixamo Download in to Unreal and Select the Animation asset for your character - Loading that in to the Anim to Play section of your Character Blueprint.
  4. Turn off the Playing option for now.
  5. Add a new SpotLight in the Components Panel of your Character Blueprint.
  6. Make the SpotLight a Child of your character's head.
  7. Position the Spotlight and adjust the Cone angles of the SpotLight to make it more centred.
  8. Set your Animation to Playing.
  9. Adjust the Speed of your Animation by bringing the PlayRate down. 
  10. Drag your Actor in to your Level and hit Simulate or Play to see your Animation in your level.
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