How to make god rays in an Unreal Engine scene

How to make an easy Unreal Engine lighting set up for God Rays
Written by Off World Live
Updated 1 year ago

  1. Start your lighting from scratch by deleting all lighting and environment components in your level.
  2. Use the environment Light Mixer to Create a Sky Light, an Atmospheric Light and a Sky Atmosphere.
  3. Find the Sky Light (Directional Light) in the World Outliner.
  4. Adjust your Skylight to give gain some indirect lighting.
  5. Rotate the Directional Light to give the effect of a change in time of day.
  6. In Directional Light Settings turn on Light Shafts by enabling Light Shaft Occlusion and Light Shaft Bloom.
  7. Adjust your Directional Light and Bloom Scale for some different God Ray effects!
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