How to Make lights with an emissive material in Unreal Engine without Lumen

How to make lights with an emissive material in Unreal
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Updated 1 year ago

  1. Select and object that uses your emissive material.
  2. In the details panel of your object search 'static' to find the lighting settings of your object.
  3. Check the 'Use Emissive for Static Lighting' box.
  4. Tweak the emissive boost to make the emitted light travel more. The emissive boost needs to be higher for larger objects.
  5. Use the static lighting scale slider in the World Settings panel to make your build times quicker.
  6. Build the lighting of your level and check out how the emissive has affected the geometry around it - tweak the emissive value and the emissive boost and rebuild to get different effects.
  7. Use Show - Visualise - Volumetric lightmap to see a visualiser of where your light is travelling to in the viewport.
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