How to create emissive materials and instance materials in Unreal Engine

How to create emissive materials and use material instancing in Unreal Engine
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  1. Control the auto exposure of your lighting scene by searching it in project settings.
  2. Rebuild the lighting.
  3. Create a folder for your emissive materials in your unreal engine content folder.
  4. Create a new material.
  5. Add some geometry to apply to your material in the viewport.
  6. Open your emissive material in the material editor.
  7. Make a constant 3 vector and add that to the emissive colour pin in your material.
  8. Add the material to your material and duplicate the object with Alt+move (click and drag)
  9. Create a material instance of your first emissive material.
  10. Rename the new instanced material. 
  11. In the original/master material right click on the constant 3 vector and convert it to a parameter.
  12. Name the parameter.
  13. Go in to the 2nd material instance and use the parameter to change the colour of the 2nd material.
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