How to create PBR materials with textures in material editor - quick awesome material!

How to create a simple, awesome material in Unreal Engine
Written by Off World Live
Updated 1 year ago

  1. Create a new material within your chosen content folder.
  2. In your browser find the textures you have created, one normal map and one image for the colour (see previous BOWTI for creation of these source images).
  3. Drag your textures in to the unreal content browser, then drag from there in to your new material.
  4. Hook up the base colour in to the roughness pin in your material.
  5. Create a Constant 3 Vector to hook up to your material's colour pin.
  6. Hook up the normal map to the normal pin of the material.
  7. Add parameters to your material by making an 'add' node on the end of the texture sample nodes.
  8. Add a Constant 3 Vector or any other constant to the other pin of the add, then put the result in to the material's slot (either roughness, colour or normal map).
  9. Use this newly created parameter to control the material's parameters.
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