How to texture a Single 3D Model with Multiple material slots in Quixel Mixer and Blender

How to texture a single 3D model with multiple textures in Quixel Mixer
Written by Off World Live
Updated 1 year ago

  1. Open Quixel Mixer and Create a New Mix at your chosen Resolution (2k is usually pretty good).
  2. Under Setup choose Custom Model and select your Asset from your Directory. 
  3. Go to Edit Texture Sets and load in your baked texture as your Material ID Map (and also to your Albedo if you want to double check the Mapping). You can turn this off any time by navigating back to it and selecting the X next to it. 
  4. Load some textures from your Local Library. Step 5: Right Click on your texture and select ID Mask to chose the colour that corresponds to the Matieral Group you would like to select.
  5. Texture the rest of your Model using these clean Material IDs as texture boundaries!
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