How to use color ID to bake a UV map for multiple texture slots in Blender, Unreal engine, Quixel

How to bake a colour ID map for texturing in Quixel Mixer
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  1. In Blender Go in to Edit Mode and Select All of your Geometry.
  2. Press U or go to UV - Smart UV Project to unwrap your object.
  3. Go to the UV Editing Tab and Create a New Image for your texture to Bake on to.
  4. Set the File Resolution to something around 2k pixels.
  5. Go in to the Shading Tab and add an image texture for each of the different colors for your object - setting the image texture to your previously created texture. Don't Worry about Connecting this up to anything in the Shader Editor. 
  6. Go to the Scene tab and make the Rendering Engine Cycles.
  7. Under the Bake section, uncheck Direct and Indirect Contributors to leave just the Color option.
  8. Set the Bake type to Diffuse.
  9. Press Bake to make Blender and wait for blender to project the UV colors on to the material you created.
  10. Be sure to save the resulting file, you can do this in the UV Editing Tab by finding Image* and then Selecting Save as.
  11. Check that the Color ID Map works by duplicating the object and adding the new image as it's own texture on the Object.
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