How to start with Hard surface modeling in blender

Basic modelling tips for creating your own 3D models in Blender
Written by Off World Live
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  1. Open Blender and delete the initial setup with A@Dusty Porter
  2. Shift+A and navigate to Mesh - Cube to create the first Cube.
  3. Use some reference imagery and think about the main basic shape. 
  4. Rename the Cube in the top right panel.
  5. Press Tab to change to Edit Mode.
  6. Press 2 or select the Edge Selection mode in the top right.
  7. Press A then Right Click - Subdivide to increase the Subdivisions of your object.
  8. Use Alt+Click to select a loop of edges.
  9. Use S to scale that selection and limit the Axis with X,Y or Z, then drag.
  10. Press 3 to change to Face Select.
  11. Use Shift+Select to select multiple Faces one by one.
  12. Shift+Select all of the top faces and press E to Extrude those faces upwards.
  13. Press S to Scale the Selection inwards.
  14. When in Edit Mode, press Ctrl+A to add another piece of geometry to the same object.
  15. Use Shift+Spacebar to Quickly access the left hand Toolbar.
  16. Use Ctrl+L to select linked geometry within one object.
  17. Use Ctrl+R to Loop or Ring Cut and use the scroll wheel to add subdivisions.
  18. Repeat all of these techniques in different ways to create your geometry.
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