How to install an Application License to your Game/ App/ Project

How to install an Application license of the Unreal Engine Live-Streaming Toolkit to your game/ app/ project
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The Application license lets you package the Toolkit into any game/ app/ project and lets third parties use that project without having a login or a license on their machine.
N.B. If you have a Metered License as part of your Application License, your users will also be able to live-stream direct from your Application.
  1. Go to Project Settings> Plugins and tick 'Enable application licenses':
    1. If you prefer to change this manually in you Config folder please see the instructions below.
  2. In you purchase email or your Account page you will have a license code for your Application License:
  3. Open your Project and right-click in the Content Drawer to create a new Blueprint Class:
  4. In the list of available Parent classes type in and select 'Game Instance':
  5. Rename your Blueprint something like 'Application License':
  6. Double-click to open the Blueprint and then copy-paste the Blueprint below inside (you can copy it direct from below):
  7. In the Application API Code box, insert the code from your email or Account page:  
  8. Press Compile in the top left hand corner to see the green tick show:
  9. Go to Project Settings and search for Game Instance and in your Game Instance Class ensure that your Game Instance blueprint is selected:
  10. Now you can package your project and the Toolkit will work automatically for any of your 3rd party users!

Changing your Config manually:
  1. Open the Project folder of the project you would like to package and in the Config folder go to DefaultGame.ini and open it in your Text Editor:
  2. Underneath the existing text in the Text Editor file paste in the following and press save:
  3. [/Script/OffWorldLive]
  4. Your file should look something like this:

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