How to live-stream SRT direct from Unreal Engine

How to live-stream direct from Unreal Engine to any SRT server over the internet or in a local area network
Written by Off World Live
Updated 11 months ago

You can now live-stream any Render Target (including your Viewport using our Viewport Capture) direct from Unreal Engine to SRT for direct broadcasting:

  1. Ensure that the OWL Live-Streaming Toolkit plugin is enabled in your Plugins Folder:
  2. Go to 'Place Actors' panel and drag and drop the OWL Media Output into your scene:
  3. Select the Media Output Actor in your 'World Outliner' and in its 'Details' panel, in 'Input Settings' select the Render Target you want to stream to SRT:
  4. Then in 'Output Settings' select 'Stream to SRT' in 'Destination Type' and paste in your Stream URL in the format below:
  5. If you need to add any Custom Settings to your SRT stream you can do so using the SRT Settings:
  6. Ensure that your SRT listener is active and then go to Media Output Controls and press 'Start'. You will see the Timer begin and you know that you are streaming:
  7. If your Stream URL is correct, your live-stream should automatically appear on your streaming server.
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