How to add a HUD/ 'Burn-In' to your Unreal Engine Cinecam

The easiest and most powerful way to add a HUD/ Burn to your Unreal Engine Cinecam for live-streaming
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Both the OWL Cinecam and Capture component let you add a customisable UMG overlay to your Render Target output for HUDs/ Burn-Ins:

  1. Go to the 'Details' panel of your OWL Cinecam or OWL Capture component and in the 'OWL Capture Settings' open 'UMG Rendering':
  2. In the 'Widget Type' drop-down you will see all the standard Unreal Engine Virtual Camera HUDs. If you want one of these, select it and tick 'Render HUD' and you will see it appear in your Render Target (use Final Output Preview):

Dynamically Updating UMG

  1. A UMG Widget that you have active in your Viewport will not dynamically update on your OWL Render Target unless you specifically create a reference for it as shown below.
  2. Use the Get Current UMG Widget function (you might need to disable context sensitive to find it) and create a blueprint like this:

Custom UMG

  1. If you want a custom HUD/ Burn-In then you can follow the instructions to build a widget blueprint here.
  2. Any widget blueprint in your 'Content Browser' will automatically appear in the 'UMG Rendering' drop-down list such as example 'Blueprint FPS' widget here:
  3. This example a dynamic blueprint which shows the current, average and min-max FPS but you can create anything you like for your HUD/ Burn-In:
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