How to fix lighting needs to be rebuilt in Unreal Engine

Understand how Unreal manages lighting!
作者 Off World Live
已更新 1年前

  1. Drag in a light source.
  2. Decide whether you want your light to be static, stationary or moveable (you can hover over the light types to remind yourself how to use each light type). 
  3. Use stationary lights most often - this light type is a light that doesn't move itself, but moving actors can pass through them and cast dynamic (moving) shadows.
  4. If you are looking to make your scene run smoother you may want to think about baking some of your lighting with the static option. This light type will run the fastest but will not have any dynamic shadows - so is useful for background areas.
  5. Movable lights are most useful for things like night and day systems where the actual light source is moving/ changing. This light type should be used very sparingly.
  6. Use this knowledge of light types to your advantage to get the best combination of visual results and performance for your use.