How to add a custom body to a Metahuman in Unreal Engine

A guide to Mixamo and it's uses, Make quick 3D model animations using the presets that are available with this online tool.
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Updated 1 year ago

Mixamo is an awesome animation tool that is free to use if you have an Adobe account. Use this guide to quickly rig up and select animations for your custom 3D models.

  1. Use your Adobe Sign-in to access Mixamo from their website.
  2. Upload your Character Model using the Upload character Button and navigating to your FBX exported from Blender.
  3. Use the Auto-Rigger to place the markers on your model, try to make sure all the markers are inside the geometry.
  4. Preview your animation and check that the Auto-rigger has worked.
  5. Browse the animations and test them out on your model.
  6. Use the Overdrive and other sliders to tweak your animation.
  7. Press download when you are happy with your animation.
  8. In Unreal Engine create new folder for Outfits/animations, whichever suits your project best.
  9. Drag your Mixamo FBX in to your folder and 'Import All'.
  10. Drag the animation in to your viewport and play to see if it works as expected.
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