How to set up live link for Face Capture

Set up the facial Real Time mocap for your 3D streamer scenario and watch the digital Avatar react to your facial movements.
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Updated 1 year ago

  1. Find The Live Link Face App in the App Store, download and open.
  2. Calibrate your face in the app, using the bottom right button.
  3. In settings, check stream head rotation.
  4. In Live Link settings add your IP address to the targets, Find your IP address by searching my IP address in the Start bar of your computer.
  5. Copy the exact code in to the targets in the Live Link app.
  6. With Live Link and Unreal open, navigate to the ‘face_AnimBP’ blueprint.
  7. In the Details panel set the LLink Face Subj to your iPhone's name.
  8. Tick LLink Face Head for head rotation.
  9. Compile and save.
  10. Click on your character in the viewport.
  11. In the Details Panel, under Default select the same Llink Face Subj.
  12. Check the LLink Face Head option.
  13. Play your scene and watch your face control the character.
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