How to export a Quixel Mixer material to Unreal Engine

An easy way to get realistic textures in Unreal using the pipeline through Quixel Mixer and Bridge.
Written by Off World Live
Updated 1 year ago

  1. Open your Quixel project.
  2. In the Export tab set your Export Target, Asset Type and Category.
  3. Once your file is set up go to File / Quick Export.
  4. Open your map in Unreal.
  5. Navigate to your texture in Bridge by going to Local/ Mixes.
  6. Check the export settings of your chosen material.
  7. Set the Export Target to Unreal Engine (Same version as you have installed). Wait for Plug-ins to download if not yet downloaded.
  8. Click Export and your material will be importing to it's own folder in Unreal.
  9. Double click the material to edit specific properties like tiling offset.
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