How to output Spout video from OBS Studio

A quick guide for using 'Filters' to output Spout video feeds from OBS for zero-latency, compression and overhead live-streaming
Written by Off World Live
Updated 2 years ago

You can use the Spout plugin for OBS Studio to send Spout video feeds to any Spout enabled program:

  1. Open OBS, select the Source you want to output, ensure that it is active (the 'eye' logo is lit) and that it is highlighted with the mouse and then click Filters: Spout2 Output
  2. In the new window that appears add a new Spout Filter for that Source using the '+' icon in the bottom left of the screen: Spout2 Output
  3. Change the default name to the name your need for your Spout output so you can recognise it in your Spout receiver program: Spout2 Output
  4. Go to your Spout receiver program and select the output you have created in OBS and it will automatically appear: Spout2 Output
  5. You can create as many simultaneous outputs as you like, each one will be a different Filter for the OBS Source you want to output.
  6. N.B. A Source doesn't have to show on your OBS canvas (it can behind the canvas/ video feed you want to stream to the internet for example) but it has to be selected (the eye icon is lit) in order to output to Spout.
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