How to Render 360 Degree Video from Unreal Engine Packaged Games/ Apps

You can now render 360 Degree, DomeMaster, VR 180 Stereoscopic and Monoscopic video from Unreal Engine packaged games using Movie Render Queue:
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Updated 2 months ago

  1. Once you have a set up a 360 Render in Unreal Engine using these steps you can trigger the render from inside packages projects/ games.
  2. You can copy-and-paste the blueprint from below (click 'Fullscreen' in the top left hand corner) into your Level Blueprint:
    1. The trigger below is a key press but this can be anything you want to select.
    2. The HUD Widget is the 360 HUD you set up here in steps 9-11.
    3. The 'Allocate Job' node is where you select the Sequence you would like to Render (this can be hard-coded or you can create an option to choose).
    4. The 'Set Configuration' node is where you select the Saved Settings you have made in Movie Render Queue (step 19-21 here plus any additional settings).

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