How to record or live-stream an audio submix from Unreal Engine

How to encode an audio submix with your video using the OWL Media Output
Written by Off World Live
Updated 9 months ago

You can now select an audio submix instead of the main Viewport audio as the audio output when recording or live-streaming direct from Unreal Engine:

  1. Go to the Details panel of your OWL Media Output Actor and in Encoder Settings ensure that 'Encode Audio' is selected:
  2. In Submix selected the Audio Submix you would like to output with your video:
  3. Adjust your Audio Bitrate and/or Audio Channel Layout (if you want multi-channel audio):
  4. If you need an Audio Offset you can add that using the setting at the bottom of the list:
  5. Now, when you Start the Media Output you will encode your Audio Submix.
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