How to live-stream NDI into Unreal Engine

Set up an NDI live-stream into Unreal in less than 1 minute
Written by Off World Live
Updated 1 year ago

  1. Go to the 'Place Actors' panel > 'Off World Live' and drag-and-drop the 'OWL NDI Receiver Manager' into your scene:
  2. In the 'Details' panel, go to 'Off World Live NDI Receiver Settings' and create/ select a Render Target:
  3. Select your NDI sender from the drop down list and you will see it appear in the Render Target:
  4. Your NDI source is now sending to a Render Target in Unreal:
  5. To add your NDI feed into your level onto a plane, find your Render Target in the Content Browser and create a Material from it:
  6. If your material contains Alpha then double click on the Material thumbnail to open it and then in it's details panel select 'AlphaComposite':
  7. In the main canvas of your Material connect the 'Alpha' node to 'Opacity':
  8. Select the Plane or other element in your level you want to show your video on and drag and drop the Material from your Render Target onto it:
  9. If you want to receive audio from your NDI source then in NDI SoundWave open the drop down list and add a new Sound Wave:
  10. This SoundWave will receive your sound but if you want it to play continuously in your level in and out of runtime then you need to convert it into a SoundCue. Find the SoundWave in your Content Browser, right click on it and select 'Create Cue':
  11. Now drag and drop the Sound Cue into your level and the sound from your NDI source will play:
  12. You will now see your NDI feed playing in your level.
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