Live-stream from Virtual Camera to NDI & Spout

The easiest and most powerful way to live-stream from Unreal Engine's Virtual Camera Actor (zero-latency, compression, overhead)
Written by Off World Live
Updated 2 years ago

With the Spout Sender Manager you can live-stream the Render Target of an Unreal Virtual Camera direct to Spout/ OBS Studio:

  1. Setup a 'Virtual Camera Actor' in your level following the instructions here.
  2. Select the 'Virtual Camera Actor' in 'World Outliner', go to its 'Details' panel and select the 'SceneCaptureComponent':

  3. Go to the 'Scene Capture' section  and create a new Render Target. Vcam Scene Capture

  4. Ensure that the Capture Every Frame tickbox is selected (otherwise the video feed will not update as you control the camera with your external device via LiveLink). Vcam Capture Every Frame

  5. You can now select this Render Target in your Spout Sender Manager:

  6. You are now streaming the Virtual Camera Actor direct to Spout/ OBS Studio!
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