How to live-stream NDI alpha video from Unreal Engine

Set up an NDI alpha output from Unreal in less than 1 minute
Written by Off World Live
Updated 1 year ago

  1. Go to 'Edit'>'Project Settings' and in the search bar input 'alpha' and then in the 'Postprocessing' option select 'Allow through tonemapper':
  2. Go to your NDI Sender Manager and made sure that your 'Video Conversion Format' is set to BGRA:
  3. Select your OWL Cinecam or Capture component, go to the Details panel and find 'Alpha Settings' in the 'Off World Live Capture Settings':
  4. To show specific actors in your level, tick the 'Use Show Only List' box and select from the 'Show Only Actors' array:
  5. You can also invert the alpha so that you show a mask of these Actors:
  6. To hide specific actors in your level, untick the 'Use Show Only List' and select from the 'Hidden Actors' list:
  7. N.B: Do not leave the 'Invert Alpha' box unticked if you are not using alpha otherwise your video feed will be blank!
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