How to install the Spout plugin for OBS Studio

Written by Off World Live
Updated 2 years ago
  1. Please ensure that all versions of OBS Studio on your machine are closed.
  2. Go to the plugin Releases Page:
  3. Download the Windows Installer for your version of OBS Studio.
  4. Double-click the downloaded Installer and select Run Anyway:
  5. Run the Installer widget:
  6. Agree to the open-source License [(GNU GPL)]:
  7. Select the OBS Studio directory if not the default install location:
  8. Now when you open OBS you should see 'Spout2 Capture' in your 'Sources' list which you use for inputting Spout videos to OBS:
  9. You should also see 'Spout Filter' in your 'Filters' list which you use for outputting Spout video feeds from OBS:
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