OWL Spout Sender Manager

How to live-stream from Unreal Engine with zero-latency/compression using Spout
Written by Off World Live
Updated 1 year ago

The Spout Sender Manager allows you to live-stream any Unreal Render Target to any Spout compatible program in-Editor and at-Runtime:

  1. You can manage multiple different video feeds/ Spout senders at the same time:
  2. It sends any 'Active' video feeds to Spout compatible programs like OBS Studio, TouchDesigner or Resolume:
  3. It's incredibly easy to use, you just select the Render Target you want to send to Spout from the drop down and it will immediately start streaming:
  4. It's really useful because it allows you to send any Unreal Render Target to Spout, so works with OWL Cinecam, Composure, Virtual Camera and more.
  5. It can be controlled via blueprints so you can have multiple video feeds ready to stream and make them active/ inactive as you need.

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