How to Stream and Record Media from Unreal Engine using the Metered API code

When using the OWL Media Output you can use a Metered API code license to distribute your application or game or use in cloud applications
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A Metered License lets you use the Media Output across any number of machines in any installation type (local, cloud, application).
The total number of minutes used across all installations is counted.
  1. Go to your OWL account page Metered Licenses page:
  2. In the API codes section, copy the API code you need (you can create different API codes for different apps). You have 200 free minutes to trial the license:
  3. If you need to top-up the metered minutes you have available, just click 'Add Minutes' in the Metered Top Ups section and a payment gateway will appear: 
  4. In Unreal, open the Details panel of the Media Output, go to the Metered License Auth section, tick 'Override APIKEY': 
  5. Input the APIKey from your OWL Account page into the text box and you will see the minutes you have remaining show in the 'Controls' box below:
  6. You can now use the Media Output as you like either in Editor or in packaged projects.
  7. If you are packaging, ensure that the 'Suppress Login Pop-Up' box is ticked in the OWL plugin project settings:
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