How to manage your Machine license on the Account page:

How to manage your Machine licenses of the Unreal Engine Live-Streaming Toolkit on your Account Page.
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Updated 1 year ago
Machine licenses are installed to individual machines giving them unlimited usage of certain Toolkit features.

On the Account Page of your website you can manage all your machine licenses:

  • Check which licenses and currently in use.
  • Check which machines they are installed on.
  • Check that a license has successfully installed to a machine.
  1. All your licenses will appear in a list on the account page:
  2. If you click the arrow to the left of each license it will open the license to show it's install/ de-install history:
  3. You can also see on the right hand side of the row if the license is currently in use:
  4. If you want to install that license to a machine just click the 'copy' button and it will copy the license code to the clipboard for use in our installer or License Utility:
  5. The 'Use Offline' button is for installation to machines that will never be connected to the internet as part of the offline installation process using our License Utility:
  6. If you have multiple machines associated with a single license code then you use the same code to license those machines.

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