How to install/ uninstall Machine licenses on remote or cloud machines

How to manage licenses from the command line for easy remote or cloud installation
Written by Off World Live
Updated 11 months ago

You can manage your license installation from the command line using our License Utility:

  1. The program “owl-licensing-utility.exe” can be found in the “Utils” directory of the Off World Live plugin.
  2. All features in the License Utility can be accessed from the command line via Microsoft CMD, Powershell or another windows-based terminal interpreter. Alternatively, these commands can be called from a scripting language such as Batch files, Powershell scripts etc
  3. To see the full range of command line options use the following command:
    “owl-licensing-utility.exe –help”
  4. To install a machine license, execute:

    owl-licensing-utility.exe install <license code>

  5. To uninstall a machine license, execute:

    owl-licensing-utility.exe uninstall <license code>

  6. To get a list of licenses installed on the current machine:

    owl-licensing-utility.exe all-licenses

  7. If a command fails it will return a non-zero exit code, and in most cases an error message will be output.
    The last line of output will always be JSON with structured information about the error or response information for the request.
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