Overview: Ultra High Resolution (>8K) 360/ 180 Degree Rendering in Unreal Engine

An overview of the Off World Live 360 Degree Render Pass for Unreal Engine Movie Render Queue
Written by Off World Live
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Our 360 Degree Render Pass extends the various cinematic capabilities of UE Movie Render Queue to 180 and 360 degree mono and stereoscopic content creation. 

It offers the following benefits:

  1. Massively increased resolution: 8K (8192x4096) should be possible for most GPUs, top GPUs can render much higher.

  2. Crazy fast render times: +8K frames will render in seconds.

  3. Huge cost reductions: You can use a single GPU to render jobs normally reserved for render farms (and get the renders much more quickly!)

  4. Full integration with professional workflows: Path-tracing, stencil buffers, pp materials, OCIO, .exr, 16 and 32bit color depth.

  5. Instant set-up: Just select the OWL 360 option in Movie Render Queue and instantly render!

The formats we support are:

  1. Equirectangular (mono)
  2. Equirectangular (VR 180 - stereo)
  3. Equirectangular 180 (mono)
  4. Cubemap (mono)
  5. Domemaster (mono)

Recommended use-cases include:

  1. Architectural Visualization: Create stunning interior and exterior renders
  2. Virtual Reality: Create entertainment content for VR headsets
  3. 360 and 180 Degree Film-Making: Combine Unreal Engine rendering will professional post-production workflows
  4. Virtual Production: Render ultra-high resolution backplates for shoots
  5. Domes and Planetaria: Render DomeMaster projections direct from Unreal

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