How to record or live-stream an audio submix from Unreal Engine

How to encode an audio submix with your video using the OWL Media Output
Written by Off World Live
Updated 10 months ago

You can now select an audio submix instead of the main Viewport audio as the audio output when recording or live-streaming direct from Unreal Engine:

  1. Go to the Details panel of your OWL Media Output Actor and in Encoder Settings ensure that 'Encode Audio' is selected:
  2. In Submix selected the Audio Submix you would like to output with your video:
  3. Adjust your Audio Bitrate and/or Audio Channel Layout (if you want multi-channel audio):
  4. If you need an Audio Offset you can add that using the setting at the bottom of the list:
  5. Now, when you Start the Media Output you will encode your Audio Submix.
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