How to output multi-channel audio using the Media Output

How to output multi-channel audio when live-streaming to RTMP/ SRT or recording direct to disk using the Media Output
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Updated 1 year ago

You can now output multi-channel audio when live-streaming or recording direct from Unreal Engine:

  1. Set up your Media Output as normal following the guides here.
  2. Under all of the different output options, select the section called 'Encoder Settings': 
  3. Select the Audio-Channel Layout option which is a drop-down with a large number of different audio output options:
  4. For most users, Mono, Stereo and Surround will be sufficient as different output options: 
    1. Mono: This sends a single sound channel so that the balance of sound is the same wherever your character is in the level. There is no spatial effect to the sound.
    2. Stereo: This creates two sound channels with a different balance of sound in each channel depending on how close your character is to different sound-emitting elements in the level. If you or your audience are listening on headphones this will change the sound for them as your character/ cameras moves through space.
    3. 'Surround': This adds a third sound channel (at it's most basic option) which allows for the balance of sound to change between more than two places around your character/ camera. All the options above Surround will add more/ different sound channels as you require which will create a more immersive effect for your audience.
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