How to live-stream video into Composure via Spout

The easiest and most powerful way to live-stream from OBS Studio to Unreal Engine's Composure (zero-latency, compression, overhead)
Written by Off World Live
Updated 1 year ago

Spout from OBS Studio is very useful for video inputs into Unreal Engine because Unreal doesn't recognise a lot of capture cards/ video formats:

  1. Ensure that your Spout input from either from OBS Studio or another compatible program is set up and active.
  2. Add a new 'Spout Receiver Manager' Actor and in the 'Details' panel select your Spout input from the drop-down and create a Render Target to receive it:
  3. Set up your Composure comp following the instructions here or a video guide.
  4. Select the 'Media Plate' from your comp in 'World Outliner', go to it's 'Details' panel, add a new 'Input' using the 'Array element' and select 'Texture Input':
  5. In the 'Texture Input' drop-down, select the Render Target you added in step 3 above from the 'Search Assets' list:
  6. You will now be live-streaming your video input from Spout or OBS Studio into Composure!
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