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How to live-stream from Unreal Engine using Spout

The easiest and most powerful way to live-stream zero-latency/ compression video from Unreal Engine
Written by OWL
Updated 4 months ago

With the Spout Sender Manager, you can live-stream any Unreal Render Target to Spout including to programs like OBS Studio:

  1. Find the 'OWLSpoutSenderManager' Actor in the 'Place Actors' panel and drag it into your scene. Select Spout Sender Actor
  2. In 'World Outliner' select 'OWLSpoutSenderManager' so it opens in your 'Details' panel and add a new 'Array element' using the '+' sign:
  3. Select/ create a Render Target by clicking the drop down next to the thumbnail:
  4. Name your Sender (this is how you will find your feed in your other Spout program), and click the Active box to begin sending to Spout!
  5. You will now see your Unreal Engine feed in your other Spout program (ie OBS Studio):

Additional Features:

  1. To stream multiple cameras, just add additional 'Array elements'.
  2. You can control the Active tick-box via Blueprints to manage which outputs are streaming at any one time.
  3. You can also use blueprints to switch the Render Target selected by a single Spout Sender which can be useful for live-editing between different camera angles.
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