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How to license an online machine using our License Utility application

The License Utility application let's you add and remove node-locked licenses from your machine and verify your licenses:
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Updated 3 weeks ago

You only have to connect to the internet once to license your machine. Once the machine is licensed you don't need to login again and you don't need to connect to the internet.

  1. Download the License Utility application here
  2. Open the application and use your keyboard arrows to go down to <Licence> to remove a License from this machine and press Enter:
  3. Go to and on the account page select 'License Management' to show your licenses and codes: 
  4. Select the license you want to install to the machine and click the 'Copy' button to copy the license key. There should be a license remaining within your total count if you want to license a new machine:
  5. Once you have copied the license key go back to the License Utility application and input the key by clicking the right mouse button and then press Enter to license the machine:
  6. To check that the machine has been licensed you can return to the main menu and use the keyboard arrows to go to <Verify> to verify the licenses on the machine. 
  7. Press Enter and it will tell you if your license is valid:
  8. Now when you open Unreal it will not ask you to login.
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