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How to install a Node-Locked license to the Toolkit

How to install a Node-Locked license to the Unreal Engine Live-Streaming Toolkit
Written by OWL
Updated 2 weeks ago

  1. Purchase the node-locked licenses you need on the Pricing page:
  2. You will receive an email called 'Your Licence and Setup Instructions' inside which you will find your License Key. You can use the same license key for all of your machines.
  3. You can also find this license key in your account section under License Management where there will be a list of all your available licenses:
    To license your machine using the Installer:
  4. Please copy the key from the email or your Account page (using the 'Copy' button) and then paste it into the License Key section of the Installer:
    To license your machine using the license file:
  5. Please download the file from the email or your Account section and then place it into the Live-Streaming Toolkit plugin folder in either your Project Plugins or Engine Plugins folder:
    1. N.B. The license file MUST be called licence.txt without any numbers in the name so if you download the file twice make sure to delete them otherwise the license will not install properly.
  6. Run your project or open Unreal and as your project loads you will see the license file disappear from the Live-Streaming Toolkit folder. 
  7. Now, after installing your license via either of these routes, when you open Unreal you will no longer be asked to login and if you check your Account section you will see that your license has now been consumed:

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