OWL Live-Stream Wizard

Instantly set-up a live-stream from Unreal Engine to RTMP, SRT, RTSP, Virtual Webcam, NDI or Spout in 2D or 360 Degrees or from Viewport
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Once you have installed the Toolkit on your machine you can set up a live-stream instantly:

  1. In the Editor Toolbar click on the Off World Live logo and select 'OWL Cinecam Stream Wizard'.
  2. Choose between Cinecam and 360 Camera outputs, NDI or Spout Senders and give your stream a name:
  3. Add another or exit the window:
  4. Now you have automatically set up a live-stream from Unreal via Spout or NDI which you will see if you click on your Spout or NDI Sender Manager in the Unreal World Outliner. This works both in-Editor and at-Runtime:

How to Livestream with your Wizard output:

  1. Go to OBS Studio (or any other NDI/ Spout enabled program).
  2. Ensure you have installed the NDI or Spout plugins for OBS.
  3. Create a NDI or Spout source and select the name of the stream that you gave above.
  4. Now you are livestreaming from Unreal to OBS Studio and you can use OBS to stream the content wherever you like!

Changing your stream resolution or other details:

  1. Using the Wizard, you have automatically created an 'OWL Cinecam' with it's own Render Target:  
  2. And you have created a 'NDI or Spout Sender Manager' which is sending the Render Target to NDI/ Spout:
  3. If you want to modify the details of those Actors, you can select them in the `World Outliner` panel and change their features.
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