How to install a Metered License to your Machine

How to install a Metered license of the Unreal Engine Live-Streaming Toolkit to your machine:
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Updated 3 months ago
A Metered License is required for using our Media Output to live-stream or record direct from Unreal Engine.
By installing the license to your machine, you can open any Unreal Project and live-stream directly from it without having to input your license key to the project itself.
  1. After you have purchased a Metered license, you will receive an email with your license code which you can also find on our account page:
  2. You can install the license key to your machine using our License Utility application which can be found in the Utils folder of the Toolkit: 
  3. Open the Utils folder and run the License Utility application inside:
  4. In the opening screen, click 'Metered API Codes' and then 'Install a NEW:
  5. Copy the code you have received in your email or from your Account Page, paste it into the box in the License Utility and press Validate. If the code is correct you will see a screen saying 'Code installed successfully': 
  6. If you go back to the Metered API Codes section in the License Utility you will now see the License installed and the number of minutes you have remaining listed:
  7. Now when you open Unreal and go to the Details panel of your Media Output you will see your available minutes automatically loaded:
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