How to install a Metered License to the Unreal Editor/ Project

How to install a Metered license of the Unreal Engine Live-Streaming Toolkit to your Unreal Editor/ Project
Written by OWL
Updated 3 months ago
A Metered license allows you or anyone you send your project to to live-stream/ record from Editor or your packaged project without requiring any other license on their machine.
N.B. If you share your Metered license code with a 3rd party they will use your Metered minutes. To prevent this you can disenable that Metered license code on your Account Page.
  1. In your purchase email or Account Page you will find a code for your Metered license minutes:
  2. Copy the code and then go to your Unreal Editor, select your Media Output Actor and go to its Details panel:
  3. In the Details panel go to the Media Output section and in 'Authentication' click ' Override APIKey which will open the APIKey text box.
  4. Input the code that you took from your email or your Account page into this box and click outside of the box to activate it:
  5. Your Metered Minutes will automatically update and you can use the Media Output as you need.
  6. If you package your project into an application or game, your Metered Minutes can be used by any third party and there will be no watermark on their output while they are live-streaming/ recording.
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